MalaCards: The Human Disease Database

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MalaCards: The Human Disease Database is a robust database designed to enable genomic and genetic researchers, investigators, and scholars to efficiently navigate the universe of human genes, genetic variants, proteins, cells, and biological pathways related to various human diseases.


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Rappaport N, Twik M, Plaschkes I, Nudel R, Stein TI, Levitt J, Gershoni M, Morrey CP, Safran M, Lancet D. MalaCards: an amalgamated human disease compendium with diverse clinical and genetic annotation and structured search. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017 Jan;45(D1):877–87. DOI:

Rappaport N, Twik M, Nativ N, Stelzer G, Bahir I, Stein TI, Safran M, Lancet D. MalaCards: a comprehensive automatically-mined database of human diseases. Curr Protoc Bioinformatics. 2014 Sep;47:1.24.1–19. DOI:

Rappaport N, Nativ N, Stelzer G, Twik M, Guan-Golan Y, Stein TI, Bahir I, Belinky F, Morrey CP, Safran M, Lancet D. MalaCards: an integrated compendium for diseases and their annotation. Database (Oxford). 2013 Apr 12;2013:bat018. DOI:



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