Using the journal BMJ Case Reports to promote the publication of clinical case reports


  • Blanca San José Montano Health Sciences Librarian, Hospital Universitario de Móstoles, Rio Júcar s/n, Móstoles 28935, Madrid



Clinical Case Reports, Health Sciences Libraries, Health Sciences Librarians, Publishing, Scientific Journals, Medical Education, Continuing Medical Education, Research Informationist


Objective: The study updates and enhances clinicians’ knowledge about clinical case reports (CCRs) and encourages publication of such articles.

Methods: The author developed and offered a session about BMJ Case Reports to medical and surgical departments in the University Hospital of M´ ostoles. The session reviewed the contents and add-on services of the journal, conventional and alternative indicators of journal quality, use of CCRs to share valuable clinical lessons, and manuscript preparation and submission.

Results: The main result of these sessions was submission of eight CCRs to BMJ Case Reports, of which four were accepted. One submitting author was invited to serve as peer reviewer for the journal. Other clinicians are preparing five new CCRs for submission to BMJ Case Reports or other journals.

Conclusions: The learning sessions were successful in promoting writing and publication of CCRs. Young staff and postgraduate residents seemed especially encouraged to publish CCRs that had already been presented in their departmental sessions. As a librarian, I gained experience in CCR publication and reinforced my position as an essential supporter of the hospital’s teaching and publishing activity.






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