A new hat for librarians: providing REDCap support to establish the library as a central data hub


  • Kevin Read New York University (NYU) Health Sciences Library, NYU School of Medicine, 577 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016
  • Fred Willie Zametkin LaPolla New York University (NYU) Health Sciences Library, NYU School of Medicine, 577 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016




REDCap, Clinical Data Management, Data Collection, Education, Training, Workshops, Consultations, Data Governance


Background: REDCap, an electronic data capture tool, supports good research data management, but many researchers lack familiarity with the tool. While a REDCap administrator provided technical support and a clinical data management support unit provided study design support, a service gap existed.

Case Presentation: Librarians with REDCap expertise sought to increase and improve usage through outreach, workshops, and consultations. In collaboration with a REDCap administrator and the director of the clinical data management support unit, the role of the library was established in providing REDCap training and consultations. REDCap trainings were offered to the medical center during the library’s quarterly data series, which served as a springboard for offering tailored REDCap support to researchers and research groups.

Conclusions: Providing REDCap support has proved to be an effective way to associate the library with data-related activities in an academic medical center and identify new opportunities for offering data services in the library. By offering REDCap services, the library established strong partnerships with the Information Technology Department, Clinical Data Support Department, and Compliance Office by filling in training gaps, while simultaneously referring users back to these departments when additional expertise was required. These new partnerships continue to grow and serve to position the library as a central data hub in the institution.


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