Evaluation of the experiences and needs of users of a drug information resources website





Access to Information, Surveys and Questionnaires, Information Services, Drug Information Services, Health Information Management


Objective: This article describes the evaluation of the experiences and needs of users of the Drug Information Resources (DIR) website. The DIR website attracts traffic and use from around the world with the highest users in Canada and the United States.

Methods: An online questionnaire was developed through literature review and Google Analytics data. Face validity testing and test-retest reliability were completed prior to releasing the questionnaire.

Results: Although the Google Analytics data showed that the site is used internationally, most respondents were Canadian students. They used the site for academic and clinical purposes and reported it was easy to use, well organized, include required resources, and would recommend it to others. 

Conclusion: DIR was found to be a valuable resource for educational and clinical use. Future studies will aim to obtain input from international users.

Author Biographies

Jennifer E. Isenor, Dalhousie University

Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy

Melissa Helwig, Dalhousie University

Librarian, W.K. Kellogg Library

Susan K. Bowles, Nova Scotia Health Authority and Dalhousie University

Associate Professor


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