Report from the Medical Library Association’s InSight Initiative Summit 1: Engaging Users in a Disruptive Era




Scientific Collaboration Networks, Pirate Sites, Copyright, Authentication, Access to Information, Libraries, Publishers


At the Medical Library Association’s Insight Initiative Summit 1, held March 6–7, 2018, academic and hospital librarians and publishing industry partners came together to discuss their shared role in engaging users of health sciences information in an era in which “disruptors” such as pirate websites, scientific collaboration networks, and preprint servers pose threats to traditional means of access to scholarly content. Through a mixture of keynote talks, themed panel discussions, and small-group problem-solving exercises, the summit program raised important questions, sparked conversation, and provided insight into the need for both libraries and publishing organizations to improve their user experience, lower their barriers to access, and offer value to users that cannot be provided by competitors, including helping authors and students become informed, responsible advocates for and consumers of scholarly publications. The key takeaways from the summit are expected to impact libraries’ and publishers’ strategies and stimulate the cocreation of enduring materials to enhance user engagement in disseminating and discovering scientific and medical information.






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